Coal Furnace.jpg
Coal Furnace.jpg


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This image is a limited edition offering printed on sekishu torinoko gampi. Once the edition sells out, there will be no more palladium prints for sale. The artist proofs are not for sale. Each print comes ready to frame mounted on an off white museum mat.

The edition is limited to the following quantities.

8x10 - 18

11x14 - 12

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20x25 – 6

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I had spent the better part of the day in search of antique books. The last antique store that I visited had a large staircase leading down to the basement. Down in a dark corner of that basement stood this beat up coal furnace. The owner of the store just happened to cleaning the basement that day. We talked about the history of the building and how the coal furnace came to be in that basement. He agreed to let me come back with my view camera and take a shot. I returned a few weeks later with my 11x14 wooden view camera. Lighting the face of the coal furnace turned out to be far more difficult than I anticipated. I ended up using a single 500 watt bulb in a 14” bowl reflector to paint the coal furnace with light. Sadly the coal furnace was covered up with drywall a few weeks after my visit with camera. I captured this image with my 11x14 Wisner view camera using Kodak Tri-X film.