I encountered this fence while looking for low tide images on Mayflower Beach. The sand patterns along the shore had less character than usual and were generally rather dull looking. The light was starting to change from a dull overcast to a blue sky with no clouds. I realized that any further attempt to find ripples in the sand from the low tide was a futile effort. The afternoon light was perfect for casting shadows from the wooden fencing along the walkway to the beach. I took a small break, then headed toward the fence line. The view I found was amazing.

I found a vantage point and proceeded to set up my 4x10 panoramic view camera. My initial composition is what you see here. I did move the camera to one other view, yet that turned out to be a busy composition. As I was heading back to the car I could see two more equally impressive fence and sand compositions. The wind had blown a circular pattern of sand around the base of the fence. The light was now starting to fade, and it was time to head out. Sadly I have seen these types of fences being replaced by the cheap vinyl orange barricade style. Every year the ugly orange fencing is taking over the traditional picket beach style fencing. I will continue my search for more of these classic beach fences.

 The image is printed using the platinum palladium process on sekishu torinoko gampi tissue. The platinum palladium process dates back to the early 19th century. Both platinum and palladium are mixed together with ferric oxolate (sensitizer) as a liquid emulsion and coated onto the gampi tissue. The tissue is then dried and a negative is placed on the top of the tissue and exposed to an ultra-violet light. After the exposure, a developer is poured carefully on the tissue. The print is then cleared and washed to remove the residual platinum and palladium. The platinum palladium print will last for well beyond a thousand years and is a rare and sought after process.

The image was captured using my 4x10 panoramic view camera. The print size is 8x20 inches on a sheet of 10x24 gampi. The print is matted on a 15”x27” 4 ply acid free museum mat. Framing is available upon request. The edition size is limited to 36 prints and 3 artists proofs. No additional platinum palladium prints will be made once the edition sells out.

The black border around the edge of the image is not a mistake. The sheet of 4x10 film is loaded into wooden film holders. The black edges represent the part of the channels of the film holder that keep the film in place. During the exposure, the portion of the film in the channels is blocked from light. This style of printing is called full frame. I keep the full frame look to give a more artistic look. I can mask the edges out if requested, yet the edges tend to convey more of a hand crafted look.

Feel free to reach out to me on my contact page if you have any questions. I am also available by phone for more detailed questions.

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